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If we are thoughtful stewards of the land, we can build healthier, happier, more resilient communities. This guiding principle is the foundation for each of my projects. I approach  design as an opportunity to improve quality of life.


At the University of Texas-Austin, I received a BA in Geography, focusing on ecology and development economics. I studied how different cultures relate to and affect their landscapes. Through travels that have taken me to places like South Africa, Bhutan, the Amazon, French Polynesia, Italy and Oman, I have seen landscapes that have been revered, neglected, abused and protected, and I have come to understand how people can benefit or suffer from the landscape that surrounds them. All along the way, I have collected information on plants that grow in a wide variety of climates and conditions, and have observed how cultures express themselves through their unique landscape styles.


After moving to New York City in 2002 and yearning for regular access to nature, I became an active volunteer at 15-acre Carl Schurz Park in Manhattan. For many years, I served on the gardening committee of the park's Conservancy. Currently, part of my time is spent doing horticultural work at the park, shaping gardens and experimenting with plant combinations. I keep current on the latest cultivars, plant science and maintenance techniques. Working with both the public and private sector, I have come to fully understand the value of  a well-designed landscape, both for its design appeal and as a source of health for a community and its environment.


Upon receiving my Landscape Design Certification from the New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture, I launched Banford Landscapes LLC in 2014. Most of my work is done for public spaces, where my goal is to connect as many people to nature as possible.


NYC Metrohort Group showcase winner, October 2015 - “Creative Use of Plants”


Garden of the Month finalist April 2013

Hoop Garden, Carl Schurz Park - awarded by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation


Garden of the Month, September 2009 Hoop Garden, Carl Schurz Park

publicity & outreach

My gardens have been backdrops for TV shows, videos, commercials, weddings, family portraits, nature photographs and local real estate advertisements. They have been featured in the book, Sidewalk Gardens of New York, by Betsy Pinover Schiff.


I have given tours and talks on the design, plants and ecology for various groups including the Hortus Club, Metro Hort Group and the Carl Schurz Park Conservancy.

Narrated by Emmy award-winning actor Dominic Chianese, I created and produced this video covering the history of  Carl Schurz Park. It highlights the role of the CSP Conservancy in making the park an urban gem. Included is commentary by former mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Carl Schurz Park at 100

We proudly support Missouri Botanical Garden and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center

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